Jeffrey’s Dad played cowboy songs on the radio in the 40’s so it was only natural that he’d pass the torch (actually, a flaming guitar) to his son. From high school assemblies to college concerts, to coffeehouses and smoky bars Jeffrey entertained audiences with covers of folk songs, armed only with 6 and 12 string guitars, banjo and a fair amount of chutzpah.

After college, he began writing his own material as well as performing part-time while pursuing his radio and voice-over career.

Since then, he's headlined a monthly open mike and radio show in Iowa, played the bookstore/coffeehouse/theatre/house concert circuit including The Mill in Iowa City, the Swannanoa Gathering in Asheville and a performance with Pete Seeger in Chicago at the Living Treasures Awards.

He sings a variety of blues, love songs, parodies, country, and emotional up-tempo anthems. His original songs have been called touching, metaphorical, introspective, witty, and downright strange.

He describes his style as more cheerful than Leonard Cohen, milder than Neil Young, 87% as funny as Weird Al Yankovic, and funkier than John Denver. He has twice as much hair as James Taylor.

“You have some good songs!”
Pete Seeger
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“From the heartfelt to the hilarious, Jeffrey’s songs not only entertain, they evoke. You’ll be touched and sometimes tickled by the lyrics, especially when one of Jeffrey’s unique character voices pipes up.”
- Ben Kieffer, host/producer of WSUI’s Iowa Talks

“Jeffrey Hedquist - a very funny man.”
- Rich Warren, host of WFMT Chicago’s Midnight Special

“It was such a pleasure to have Jeffrey Hedquist here at the Buttonwood Tree. And though I have been Music Director for only a year I can say without a doubt that I have yet to see or hear a soloist perform with such a beautiful connection with the audience. Jeffrey Hedquist is a storyteller in song - he is thought provoking, romantic, tender, funny and profound with enough variety to entertain for hours. His performance went straight through without a break for over two hours. Where you may have thought the audience needed a break, he received an encore!!”
Bravo!!! - Kunle Mwanga, Music Director, The Buttonwood Tree, Middletown, CT

“Jeffrey--your songs, your humor, your support, and your stage presence engaged everyone in the audience, warmed them, and made them feel as though they were an integral part of the whole program---and you made it all seem so easy. Blessings. Your voice and guitar unobtrusively supported Pete Seeger and amplified his voice.”
Melinda Perrin
Prairyerth Fellowship

“In the tradition of Mark Twain and Jim Croce, Jeffrey uses wry humor and original songs to comment on life's experiences. With exceptional grace and warmth, he charmed our us with colorful stories in song. A wonderful experience!”
David DuBois, President, Fairfield Cultural Alliance