“You were wonderful! As Master of Ceremonies and Master Comedian, you made our company Christmas party an outrageous success. Thanks to you, the guests left the party with big smiles on their faces and laughter in their eyes. You took a group of software engineers, generally a very quiet, unresponsive group, and made them laugh. You drew them in and had them participating in a way that made everyone feel good.”
Kathleen Johnson, Director of Administration, Donatech Corporation

“As always, you were magnificent, entertaining, clear, sharp, lightning quick and overall delightful! Your top 10 list was the highlight of the event. We keep trying to remember them all, they were so funny. Nearly 2000 people were there to hear you entertain and inspire them. Thank you for leading us on to a victorious evening. You made many people very happy.”
Elaine Reding, campaign ooordinator, Natural Law Party of the United States of America

“The amazing Iowan once again proved that talent will win out. Jeffrey, your songs, your humor, your support, and your stage presence engaged everyone in the audience, warmed them, and made them feel as though they were an integral part of the whole program, and you made it all seem so easy. Your voice and guitar unobtrusively supported Pete Seeger and amplified his voice. Your duet on ‘The Fox’ with the new lyrics you wrote together was a big hit, as was your own song about life as a river. As Studs Terkel would say, ‘You’re organic!’

I can’t thank you enough. When we first learned that Pete Seeger was coming to be honored as a Prairyerth Living Treasure of North America, I called you before anyone else because I knew we needed a real pro for our Master of Ceremonies. More than that, we needed a performer with the sensibilities of a folksinger, an environmentalist who understood the importance of rivers, and someone who was flexible and quick-witted. In addition we got a stand-up comic and someone sensitive to people’s needs and to the flow and pacing. Pete also got a backup singer and someone to sing lyrics while he whipped everyone up on the chorus. Do you realize that everything went so smoothly that we finished right on time even with Studs Terkel and the spontaneous singing of ‘This land is Your Land’”
Melinda M. Perrin, Co-chair
Prairyerth Living Treasures of North America Heritage Awards

“I just wanted to personally express my pleasure in watching you orchestrate a wonderful, wonderful program. Your presence, timing, singing, ad-libs, and minus-libs were just perfect. I really appreciate watching people who are experts at their craft ‘perform.’ Your interaction with Pete, the songs, and the introductions again were perfect. To sit and absorb all the joyous energy and stories that were shared was a delight.

Thanks for using the gifts you have to make a wonderful event even more memorable.”
Dan Creely Jr.
Northeastern Illinois University Chicago
T.E.A.M. (Teachers of Experiential and Adventure Methodology)

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